Sunday, March 4, 2007

Frame Ten

This week I'm cheating. I need a dose of spring so I dug back into the hard drive and found a shot taken last spring that I'd never done anything with. I also picked this because it was taken at the same spot last weeks shot was taken (notice the stone wall?). This is one of the many Swan's that make this area home during the warmer months. This is kind of a cool spot in that you can sit on a bench or right next to the ponds edge and these birds will hardly notice you're there. It's a wonderful little spot for photography.

Canon 20d - Sigma 70-300 apo dg 3.5~5.6 - 300mm - f/5.6 - 1/1600 - 100iso


puzzled said...

Heehee, he's very cute hiding like that :-) It really does look like a great spot for photography, Kelly!

Obsidian said...

I like this one! Kind of demure swan thing going on here but the capture is good and the detail comes through too.